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    The Descent Of Power: An Interpretation of the Global Economic Crisis Pt VIII

    In closing, I wanted to tell you about a dream I had a couple of months ago–I mean the kind of dream you have in your sleep. I dreamt that it was the year 2070 and that I was walking on the crowded streets of some city. People seemed oddly happy and there was a feeling of lightness in the air, as if something had really changed in the world and we had figured out a better way to live. What was most strange about this dream was that in the midst of it I was conscious of thinking back to the year 2010, so long ago. For some reason it occurred to me that that moment in time was some kind of turning point. That was when things began to right themselves, I told myself, but few people saw or understood this. If only we could have realized back then what was happening, where we were headed. How sad.

    In the middle of this strange thought, I woke up. The dream and its intense mood stayed with me for quite some time. It made me think–this is clearly how it is in history. People never appreciate the moment they are living in. We can look back at all of the tumultuous, exciting periods in history with an air of nostalgia, but it’s an illusion. Those in that moment have no such perspective and no such appreciation. If only we could now have that perspective and realize that we are living through one of the great transformational moments and that the old is finally dying away. I leave you with that thought. Thank you.

    You can read all of The Descent of Power as an ebook.

    5 thoughts on “The Descent Of Power: An Interpretation of the Global Economic Crisis Pt VIII”

    1. I’d just like to thank you Mr Greene for everything that you’ve done, you’re truly a brilliant writer. Unlike typical bullshit spouted around us, you seek to expose and show the truth, rather than hide from it, and that is true writing. Thank you.

    2. Dear Mr. Greene,

      I would like to have The Descent Of Power in audio. Most people that I know are very much functionally illiterate. I would also like to analyze all the comments that have been deleted from any of your websites. Oh, and one more thing I thought of, I would like to read everything you ever wrote. Kind of like the way you read everything Nietzche wrote. Your magazine stuff, thesis maybe, hell, school book reports, anything and everything! OK two more things. You once mentioned you were going to write a book on envy. I hope those weren’t just words you spoke/wrote (whatever). Any information about how that is going would be so awesome. Or if you changed your mind about writing it I’d like to know so I can stop hoping.

      If you can make any of these things happen I would be delighted. I’m sure others would be too.

      Thanks for all that you’ve done.

      PS. I think the coolest thing you ever wrote (that I’ve read) was the part concerning Machiavelli in War about the witting or unwitting. When it comes to your writings I’m not sure where I fall under that category (witting or unwitting). My stupid vanity (stupidity) obscures.

      I only wanted to ask for the DOP in audio but I guess I have a lot to say..

      Anyway, thanks again.

    3. I find it odd that you have followed the journey of power from Dictator/Monarch to Oligarchy/Aristocracy to Democracy/… and stopped? After the total descent of power comes Anarchy, just as Machiavelli explained. The cycle then goes on to repeat itself, endlessly through the ages. I wonder: is the Information Age something that you believe will stop this cycle? If so, how?

    4. Hello Mr. Robert Greene , My name is Ya , I come form Thailand . Now I try to studying English for reading your books . Someday I will go to meet You because I want to be Your student .

    5. Hello Mr. Greene. My name is Almir Filho,born in the city of Barreiras Bahia-Brazil.Read all your books.your books change my life for ever,I get strange, fearless and make descovery my skills and talents..i like meet you any day..

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