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    Seduction Scenario #1

    There’s this girl who lives in your area, and whom you have noticed over the past several months. You have never spoken with her, just seen her in passing on a few occasions. She is very beautiful, in a way that gets to you and makes you think of her days later. She tends to downplay her beauty by the way she dresses, but most men would see her as very fetching. You have seen her a couple of times at the supermarket, walking her dog, etc. She has no idea of your existence. One time you saw her with a man; he had her arm around her, but she did not really seem all that thrilled by him. She seems more into her dog.

    One humid day, she was walking her dog, and she happened to wear a very normal dress, but for some reason it doubled your interest in her. Then, inadvertently, through a friend of a friend, you heard of someone who knew her. You were able to get a little more information. She works for a film company. She has a boyfriend, but word is that she is bored, restless, not that into him. It’s true, she always has a look of boredom. She moved to your city somewhat recently, within two years. This is all you have to go by. O, except one day you saw her in her car. A very non-descript car, with a “War is not the answer” bumpersticker.

    Do you have any compunctions about trying to seduce her? Does seducing her violate your code of ethics? Explain these ethics, then. If not, how would you approach this seduction? What would be your first maneuvers? What is your battle plan? You don’t want a one-night stand, but you are not necessarily looking for a lifetime partner. What do you say?

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