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    Robert Greene in the LA Times

    3 thoughts on “Robert Greene in the LA Times”

    1. That was quite profound. I am in no way, shape, or form a writer myself. I do, however, believe that your words carry over on to many other avenues. Just the picture alone on the top of your blog makes me want to go out and purchase one of your books. Please, don’t ever let anyone hush the words that you choose to convey.


    2. I like it. Absolutely. 99% of the people in this world think that success lies in the way that one executes a plan. What you have taught in your writing, apparently, is no different than what I have learned during two tours in Iraq and ten years in the Marine Corps: success is dependant on correctly performing 55% of the preparation and 45% on executing the plan properly.

      Getting people to look beyond the end of their nose is the the challenge of one who has been bestowed with a sense of vision. Some of these men have been granted that sense, thanks to you. Outstanding. Keep moving it.

      Get some,


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