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    B.S. Barometers

    I plan to get to many of your excellent topic suggestions over the course of the following months. … Read more

    The Power Breviary

    Keep things simple and direct: One of my greatest pet peeves is airy abstractions and unnecessary complications; I … Read more

    Seduction Scenario #1

    There’s this girl who lives in your area, and whom you have noticed over the past several months. … Read more

    48 Laws on ABC

    ABC did a piece on 48 Laws of Power on their webcast. You can view it here. Discuss … Read more

    The Iraq War and the Military Gamble: Anatomy of a Potential Disaster

    Erwin Rommel was an exceptionally brilliant general who had one of the most remarkable runs in warfare with … Read more

    Tactical Hell or Strategic Heaven?

    In my book The 33 Strategies of War, I make the point that most of us exist in … Read more

    Is honesty the best policy?

    In one of the comments on my first blog entry, reader “James” wrote something that struck a chord, … Read more

    Robert Greene in the LA Times

    An interesting piece on me in the LA Times Today

    Welcome to PS&W: The Introduction to My Blog

    When I was fresh out of college and starting my writing career at a magazine in New York, … Read more
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