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    Art of Argument Confusion, part two

    I had hoped that the current election cycle would supply me with endless examples to illustrate the following … Read more

    Thoughts on Seduction

    Sorry for the hiatus here. I have been working rather hard the past week on the proposal for … Read more

    Robert Greene in Rolling Stone

    I made the Hot List in Rolling Stone Magazine. Have a look.

    False Arguments

    I had mentioned in an earlier entry a work I greatly admire, Schopenhauer’s The Art of Controversy. I … Read more

    From Rappers To Sports

    Last week, while in New York for business, I was able to have a private meeting with the … Read more

    How to crush Karl Rove and the Republicans in Five Easy Steps

    As the strategy for the Democrats plays itself out this fall, it seems to be a variation of … Read more

    A Theory of Control

    The word control does not have the most positive connotation in our culture. Expressions like control freak speak … Read more

    The Psychotic Boss

    Several years ago, I had the idea of dramatizing some of the ideas and characters in The 48 … Read more

    Seduction Scenario #1 Follow-Up

    This is in no way intended as a grading of your responses, which were very interesting and revealing. … Read more

    War Games–Taking on Karl Rove

    We are gearing up for an election only a few months away, and so I think it appropriate … Read more

    48 Laws in The Sunday Times

    A piece about me in The Sunday Times, an English newspaper.

    Western Strategy is Bankrupt

    In chapter 33 of The 33 Strategies of War I expounded what I think is a somewhat novel … Read more
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