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    OODA and You

    A few weeks ago I gave a talk at a company convention in southern California. This company has … Read more

    Hugo Chavez

    In 1984, I spent several months in Nicaragua, trying to write several articles on the war between the … Read more


    In almost all board games–chess, go (wei chi), backgammon, etc. –the corners spell defeat and death. In each … Read more

    Machiavelli for Our Times

    For the past twelve years, I have this ritual in which every December I reread some work of … Read more

    An Experiment in Counter-Stupidity

    Originally I had proposed to do my third book on the history of human stupidity. It would basically … Read more

    The Art of Interviewing

    The future lies in new forms of communication. The old ways are dead and dying. People have short … Read more

    The Dark Side

    One day, while I was writing the Seduction book, the following image came to my mind: every person … Read more

    The Three Types

    The theory or idea of a Centre begins with the observation of man’s chaotic reality, his confusion, his … Read more

    War Declarations

    War is father of all, king of all. Some it makes gods, some it makes men, some it … Read more

    2008 and Beyond

    In studying demographic and cultural trends in the United States for the past few years, I have come … Read more

    Profile in the New Yorker

    The article isn’t up on their website yet, so Tucker had it scanned in and it’s posted here. … Read more

    Random Thoughts and Salvos

    O’Reilly versus Letterman: As many of you might know, I did my time on the O’Reilly Factor back … Read more
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