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    The 50th Law Part Two: FEAR and POWER

    Our lives are often subject to a pattern of movement that is set in motion at birth. The … Read more

    The 50th Law

    Over the course of the past eighteen months I have started dozens of blog entries, only to find … Read more

    Barack v. Hillary: Maneuver Warfare

    But Cassius and Brutus were the most gloriously conspicuous–precisely because their statues were not to be seen. Tacitus … Read more

    Cui Bono

    In the Machiavellian perspective, few events in public life are rarely what they seem to be. Power depends … Read more

    The Terrorist Dilemma: A Talk to West Point Cadets

    I was recently invited by Jarret Brachman, professor and head of research at West Point’s Center of Combating … Read more

    Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts

    Reading and watching the news lately has inspired a few strategic tidbits I would like to share. Force … Read more

    In Praise of the Bad Guy

    In Pimp by Iceberg Slim, almost the entire book is devoted to his life on the streets, to … Read more

    Experiments in Strategic Wisdom, Profiles in Stupidity – A Last Look at Russia

    Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the Russia essays. I am a contrarian by nature. … Read more

    Russian Politics Through the Looking Glass

    Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the Russia essays. Several days into my trip, I had a … Read more

    The Future Empire

    Read Part 1 of the Russia essays. On the thirteen hour flight from Los Angeles to Moscow last … Read more

    Russia and Power

    Almost everyone is drawn somehow to the exotic, whatever is most different to what they know. It is … Read more

    Angles, Hustlers And Suckers

    I forgot something important that you must remember until you go six feet under…. There are only two … Read more
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