Mastery paperback is out now + FREE book (US only)

The paperback of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Mastery is in stores now and available on Amazon.

And as a thank you to my fans who made Mastery such a success, I have released in the US a special Interviews with the Masters: A Companion to Robert Greene’s Mastery, a free eBook (other regions to follow) containing selections from my interviews with the nine living masters that appear in Mastery.

I sat with these Masters for many hours, extracting their stories and their individual paths to greatness. I met with Paul Graham in Palo Alto. Santiago Calatrava in New York. Freddie Roach in Los Angeles. I met with the various masters in their studios, in their offices, and in their homes. You have seen their stories in the book. What you have not seen are the transcripts of our time together, where the Masters provided valuable information and lessons that I was not always able to include. This companion to Mastery is a playbook to the lives of today’s Masters that you can use to guide you on your path to Mastery.

Also, here are a few quick updates:

*I recently spoke at TEDx Brixton about the key to transforming yourself. Please watch the video on Youtube.

*I posted two new Slideshares to my blog: 20 Quotes for Acheiving Mastery and 8 Strategies forn the Ideal Apprenticeship

*Mastery now has its own Facebook page. Please like the new page to get updates and news about Mastery.

You can buy Mastery from anywhere, including from the following links:


Barnes & Noble




For those of you that have already read Mastery, thank you for your support and I hope it has guided you on your path to becoming a true Master. And enjoy Interviews with the Masters. (iBooks)(Nook)



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