Interview with Robert Greene

[Marcus was good enough to remind me to post this here. I announced it over at earlier today. -Ben] has an interview with Robert Greene on his collaboration with 50 Cent for the book The 50th Law.

Essentially the hustler is a figure to me, thats very American. It goes back to the 19th Century. Its ingrained in our country. We’ve always kind of had that figure. But it kinda got taken to another level in urban America in the 20th century. Predominantly associated with the black hustler. The hustler is an entrepreneur. This book celebrates their mentality. These are people who are incredibly resourceful. They are incredibly inventive and creative. They just don’t have the resources for anything that we consider worthy. But much of what they do is just as interesting as a business man or politician. Its working with the little you have, and making something out of it. The attitude, and the way they go about it fascinated me.

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