The Descent of Power: An Interpretation of the Global Economic Crisis Pt I

The following is an amalgamation of two talks I gave recently: the first at the Emirates Festival of Literature in Dubai, and the second at the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. Both of these talks were geared for a business audience. I plan on posting in eight digestible installments or you can read the entire thing in the form of an ebook. The subject that I am going to talk about this evening is the state of the world as I see it, what is really going on–not what the newspapers report, not the conventional wisdom. But before I

The 50th Law (chapter headings)

Chapter 1 See Things for What They Are – Intense Realism Reality can be rather harsh. Your days are numbered. It takes constant effort to carve a place for yourself in this ruthlessly competitive world and hold on to it. People can be treacherous. They bring endless battles into your life. Your task is to resist the temptation to wish it were all different; instead you must fearlessly accept these circumstances, even embrace them. By focusing your attention on what is going on around you, you will gain a sharp appreciation for what makes some people advance and others fall

The 50th Law Ebook

We’ve gotten several requests to publish a summarized version of the lessons laid out in The 50th Law. Here is a free ebook version of The 50th Law, composed of the chapter headings and some quotes from the book. Hopefully it’ll be useful for anyone who wants to sample the book, use it for reference or send it to a friend. Also, for those of you who want an even simpler version, here is just the text of the chapter headings of The 50th Law. The 50th Law: 10 Lessons in Fearlessness View more documents from Robert Greene. If you’d

The 50th Law Pt III: The Neurotic Type, The Republican Party and the Transgression of the Law

According to The 50th Law, we can be defined by our relationship to reality. Reality is what lies outside of ourselves, beyond our subjective experience. We have desires. We want people to help, support and like us. We want our projects to gain the appropriate attention and our talents to be recognized. We wish the world around us to remain relatively stable so we can realize our plans or maintain what we have. But then reality intervenes. The people we look to for assistance think first of themselves and their self-interest; their support is rather tepid or they even resist

The 50th Law Part Two: FEAR and POWER

Our lives are often subject to a pattern of movement that is set in motion at birth. The human animal spends an inordinate amount of time in the mother’s womb. When we are suddenly thrust out of that zone of comfort–where all our needs have been met–we enter an unfamiliar world of noise and light. We cannot help but desire a return to the womb. The mother serves as a substitute for this desire and we cling to her. We experience her absence for any extended period of time as a kind of terror. This is the source of our

The 50th Law

Over the course of the past eighteen months I have started dozens of blog entries, only to find that the passage of a few days or a week made my ideas seem irrelevant. Events in the world were moving too fast for me to keep up with them. The main culprit here was the book I had been working on during this period, The 50th Law (due out on September 8, 2009), and my tendency to want to concentrate on only one thing at a time. In the months to come I plan to recycle several ideas that are worth

Interview with Robert Greene

[Marcus was good enough to remind me to post this here. I announced it over at earlier today. -Ben] has an interview with Robert Greene on his collaboration with 50 Cent for the book The 50th Law. Essentially the hustler is a figure to me, thats very American. It goes back to the 19th Century. Its ingrained in our country. We’ve always kind of had that figure. But it kinda got taken to another level in urban America in the 20th century. Predominantly associated with the black hustler. The hustler is an entrepreneur. This book celebrates their mentality.

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Barack v. Hillary: Maneuver Warfare

But Cassius and Brutus were the most gloriously conspicuous–precisely because their statues were not to be seen. Tacitus In looking at this election cycle, pundits have been talking about the importance of authenticity. “It is fatal for a politician to look fake. They must show that they believe in something with conviction. The public has grown tired of professional politicians.” But this is nothing new. The desire for authenticity in leaders comes and goes in cycles. John F. Kennedy benefited from this hunger and he also knew how to exploit it to maximum effect. He was not fake, but he

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Cui Bono

In the Machiavellian perspective, few events in public life are rarely what they seem to be. Power depends on appearances, on manipulating what the public sees. On seeming good, while doing what is necessary to gain and maintain power. Sometimes it is easy to see through the fog and pick out a political figure’s motives or intentions. Other times it is quite complicated–what is really going on, we ask ourselves? In the new media environment, the ability to create fog and confusion has been greatly enhanced. Stories and rumors can be planted with virtually no source behind them. The story

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