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Mastery paperback is out now + FREE book (US only)

The paperback of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Mastery is in stores now and available on Amazon. And as a thank you to my fans who made Mastery such a success, I have released in the US a special…

Mastery–Now Available in Paperback + Two New Slideshares

Enjoy these two SlideShare presentations based on Mastery. 8 Strategies for the Ideal Apprenticeship from Robert Greene 20 Quotes for Achieving Mastery from Robert Greene

Six Keys to Mastery: The Secret to Ultimate Power Over Yourself and Your Craft

Mastery: 6 Keys to Mastering Anything You Do (from the bestselling book by Robert Greene) from Robert Greene

LIVE with Chase Jarvis: Mastery, Power and Seduction

Robert Greene will be live on cjLIVE in about 15 minutes. Catch the show and ask Chase and Robert your deepest questions. Check back to this post for an archive of the video later. It’s free — anyone can watch…

Hidden Powers & My Next Book: Mastery Part 1

What follows is Part 1 of a two-part post that details the process of completing my fifth book, Mastery. In anticipation of the book’s release on November 13th, I’m releasing Part 2 of this post with a pre-order of Mastery….

The 50th Law (chapter headings)

Chapter 1 See Things for What They Are – Intense Realism Reality can be rather harsh. Your days are numbered. It takes constant effort to carve a place for yourself in this ruthlessly competitive world and hold on to it….

The 50th Law Ebook

We’ve gotten several requests to publish a summarized version of the lessons laid out in The 50th Law. Here is a free ebook version of The 50th Law, composed of the chapter headings and some quotes from the book. Hopefully…

Interview with Robert Greene

[Marcus was good enough to remind me to post this here. I announced it over at RudiusMedia.com earlier today. -Ben] Vibe.com has an interview with Robert Greene on his collaboration with 50 Cent for the book The 50th Law. Essentially…

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The Robert Greene Interview, Part 1

This is a three part interview by Tucker Max that will serve as the introduction to Power, Seduction and War: The Robert Greene Blog.   About two months ago Mark Ebner, of Hollywood, Interrupted, called me up. He was either…

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