The Psychotic Boss

Several years ago, I had the idea of dramatizing some of the ideas and characters in The 48 Laws of Power. I sketched out a scenario–based on some of my own experiences working in offices–of some difficult situations, some impossible personalities, and I created a clever protagonist who would navigate this mine field of scheming colleagues. I became particularly interested in the boss character I was creating, a sadistic type who was an amalgam of several bosses I had had over the years, including one particularly awful female boss. I decided to do some ancillary research on the internet, and

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Seduction Scenario #1 Follow-Up

This is in no way intended as a grading of your responses, which were very interesting and revealing. There is obviously no single correct seduction in this matter. It is chemistry–what the individual seducer brings to the mix, with his strengths and weaknesses, and the particular victim at hand. But some of your comments and ideas stand out as effective to me, while a few seem based on some misconceptions. With that in mind, I would like to discuss a few of the main themes you all brought up: The Ethics of this seduction. Obviously I fall into the camp

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War Games–Taking on Karl Rove

We are gearing up for an election only a few months away, and so I think it appropriate to look at someone who looms large in the picture: Karl Rove. Let us say a few things about him for which there is certainly no argument: He is intensely competitive. He cannot stand losing. When he is involved in an election in which his man or woman looks like they are in trouble, Mr. Rove tends to go dirty. Sometimes real dirty. This is not legend but fact. I draw your attention to this excellent article in The Atlantic Monthly. Mr.

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Western Strategy is Bankrupt

In chapter 33 of The 33 Strategies of War I expounded what I think is a somewhat novel idea and theory about terrorism. The great debate, particularly after 9/11, was whether we were entering a new phase of terrorism, or whether 9/11 was just another example of what is known as conventional terrorism. The general consensus was that 9/11 was a more devastating attack than others in the past, but did not represent a qualitative leap to something new and different. Such a leap would have to include some kind of super weapon, nuclear or biological, which would so up

B.S. Barometers

I plan to get to many of your excellent topic suggestions over the course of the following months. I will begin with Tribal Witch Doctor’s excellent query, which I quote below: Could you please discuss your views on finding reliable sources of information? Particularly, could you discuss your views on how the media skews or informs popular opinion and how to circumvent the political propaganda and bias inherent in most of the popular press. One of the things that impresses me about your work is your ability to present the salient issues as seen from different sides. For example, you

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